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09:00 <&rachel> lol
09:00 <&rachel>
09:00 < Neuromancer> [ - A code of conduct - Wow, so future! ] -
09:00 <&rachel> updated the code of conduct
09:06 <&dbladez> neato
09:12 < copt> can we prune the bots from spamming "nigger"
09:13 <&dbladez> that'd be neat
09:13 <&rachel> copt: how do we do that
09:13 <&rachel> which bots spam that word?
09:15 < copt> denicer at least once
09:15 < copt> also can we just g-line what already
09:16 <&rachel> why
09:16 < copt> adds zero positive content just spams edgelord garbage
09:18 <&rachel> copt: unless he does something that's actually hateful and not just stupid I don't feel justified banning him
09:18 < copt> rachel: unless you think nicking to NIGGERFAGGOT is valuable intellectual discourse
09:18 <&rachel> I don't
09:18 <&rachel> which is why I asked him to stop
09:20 <&rachel> I'm not going to ban someone for skirting the line of the rules because then the rules will just keep getting more strict
09:20 <&rachel> I'd rather ban someone who is obviously crossing the line and will not stop when asked to
09:20 < Honk> same here
09:20 <&rachel> that's the thing
09:20 <&rachel> any time I ask what to stop, he does
09:20 <&rachel> >dunno
09:20 < Neuromancer> ‾(ツ)/‾
09:20 < copt> how many people do you repeatedly have to ask to stop?
09:21 < copt> it's not accidental jokes that go to far it's just obnoxious and toxic
09:23 <&rachel> ok
09:23 <&rachel> :topic prepend PLEASE VOTE!