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You aren't verified and you have zero words written in your profile. A little sketchy, not gonna lie
I'm fairly convinced that the entire platform is a lie, so all fair I guess?
Lol you think I'm an AI? ?
No. Is that the kind of code you write?
Only as a hobby. I've never made an AI for work.
What's with the pixelated baby? Are you a single mother?
I did a lot of AI in school... mostly just fell under the umbrella of software development at the time. Long before it was cool and had flashy verbiage assigned to it
Fascinating! What kind of software did you write?
I don't remember which photos I have on here. Is there a pixelated baby? Most apps have policies against children in the T&C. I'm not motivated enough to continue remaking profiles so decided to comply with my incredibly advanced Paint skills
I wrote coded solutions for whatever problem was presented as an assignment... mostly of the decisioning tree variety
What are you looking for on here? A relationship? Friends?
Yes, friends
I need more cis women in my life. 90% of my friends are men or trans women ?
Ideally I'm looking for someone who wants to have a serious relationship and eventually have kids with me. But I'm open to meeting new friends in general
Cool. Are you from here?
I was born in Texas, raised in New York, and moved to Colorado when I was 20. Lived in Denver for 8 years, then after COVID moved to Ft Collins to stay with my husband
Now we own land up in the mountains and I've been working on a nature conservation and wildfire burn scar restoration project
How about you, are you from here?
You were previously married but didn't live with your husband? You're still married?
I was married but I also had a boyfriend in Denver and I would spend a week or two in Denver and then a week or two in Ft Collins
And I still am married, to be clear
Your husband was ok with that? It didn't strain the relationship?
Yep, I actually started dating my boyfriend a couple years before my husband lol
Are you still seeing him?
Nope, ultimately my boyfriend was the one who wasn't okay with being poly and he decided to be monogamous with a different girl
He gave it a good run, we were together for 9 years. And we're still friends. All of us are in the same burning man camp together ?
burning man?
You've never heard of it?
It's an art and music festival that encourages radical self expression and self-reliance. It's run by a non-profit organization and the money from ticket sales goes towards funding artists who bring sculptures and interactive exhibits
are you radical in your beliefs?
I think that the function of society should be to provide abundant food, water, and shelter for everyone. Is that radical?
We already have an abundance of all those things and in many cases they are intentionally wasted in order to preserve the economy instead of "efficiently" helping people.
depends on how it's achieved
The economy claims to be efficient, but grocers intentionally throw away expired food instead of giving it away for free because it would drive prices down. Dairy producers pour milk down the drain when the price gets too low, because bottling all the extra milk when there isn't enough demand would drive the prices down. There is a pile of discarded clothing in the Chilean desert big enough to be seen from space. The clothes are discarded because giving them away for free would drive prices down.
If you think any of that is radical, then sure. But I'm not a terrorist or a hacker or anything ?
Anyway. Enough about me. Let's talk about why you need to make so many bumble accounts that filling out your profile becomes a chore? Lol
How many accounts do you have? ?
Doesn't the FDA determine the safety of expired food... and in most cases, is over lenient as there would be too much backlash for stepping on profits?
No, it doesn't, food expiration dates are completely unregulated. Often times food is thrown away because the date is passed but it's still perfectly safe to eat
Fresh produce is thrown out whenever there is a new shipment
I work with a local volunteer food rescue that takes discarded food from grocery stores and distributes them to homeless people
We are lucky to have have connections to a few local businesses who help supply discarded food. But most grocery stores have locked trash bins for all of their food waste and it is intentionally kept away from people for liability reasons