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Posted on poju at 6:20:20 MDT
Posted on encoding at 7:01:46 MST
 0710UF0 *H

Android Debug10U



A┼␍⎼⎺␋␍ D␊␉┤±10U



≠   *H                                              ʌQ/≠Y!ُP␌└NO6S    0

     +__1ç!.7£,      ^1B£3*Z

3BW2[email protected]߮6"QMH)9ھ؅3≤


T␤␊ JKS ┐␊⎽├⎺⎼␊ ⎽␊⎽ ⎻⎼⎺⎻⎼␋␊├▒⎼≤ °⎺⎼└▒├. I ⎼␊␌⎺└└␊┼␍␊␍ └␋±⎼▒├␊ PKCS12 ␤␋␌␤ ▒┼ ␋┼␍┤⎽├⎼⎽├▒┼␍▒⎼␍ °⎺⎼└▒├ ⎽␋┼± "┐␊⎺⎺┌ -␋└⎻⎺⎼├┐␊⎽├⎺⎼␊ -⎽⎼␌┐␊⎽├⎺⎼␊ /U⎽␊⎼⎽/┐┤┼␍▒┼┘▒␋┼/.▒┼⎼⎺␋␍/␍␊␉┤±.┐␊⎽├⎺⎼␊ -␍␊⎽├┐␊⎽├⎺⎼␊ /U⎽␊⎼⎽/┐┤┼␍▒┼┘▒␋┼/.▒┼⎼⎺␋␍/␍␊␉┤±.┐␊⎽├⎺⎼␊ -␍␊⎽├⎽├⎺⎼␊├⎻␊ ⎻┐␌⎽12".

K┤┼␍▒┼-MB⎺⎺┐-P⎼⎺:⎻⎼▒␌├⎼_┼␊┬ ┐┤┼␍▒┼┘▒␋┼

Posted on pibdgaf at 23:46:46 MDT
Posted on pibdgaf at 23:36:06 MDT
Posted on pibdgaf at 23:30:32 MDT
Posted on pibdgaf at 22:52:47 MDT
 I want to chill in this room and hang out with hot girls on cam while complementing them and convincing them to strip 
Posted on pibdgaf at 22:44:25 MDT
 May I have the password to the room?
Posted on pibdgaf at 19:16:25 MDT
 What the actual fuck is this? Is this thing alive?
Posted on Main Page at 20:52:55 MDT
 <yipdw> connection reset by pier

Posted on gaia at 14:15:11 MDT
 what is this
Posted on gaia at 14:13:21 MDT


paintry's avatar

Last Login: 05/12/2018 9:04 am

Registered: 11/22/2010

Birthday: 03/10

Equipped List

Devil Tail - virtual itemDevil Tail
Horns of the Demon - virtual itemHorns of the Demon
OMG - virtual itemOMG
Ancient Katana - virtual itemAncient Katana
Princess Less Than Three - virtual itemPrincess Less Than Three
Z's Sketchbook - virtual item
Strong Bear Style - virtual item
Sandman's Guilt - virtual item
The Fair Spirits Reign - virtual item
Immortal Veil - virtual itemImmortal Veil
Nighttime Absent Mayor - virtual itemNighttime Absent Mayor
Gray Body Dye - virtual item
Sinful Biancareina - virtual item

buy me stuff thx

White Body Dye - virtual item (Wanted)
GCash Giftcard 200GC - virtual item (Wanted)
GCash Giftcard 500GC - virtual item (Wanted)
GCash Giftcard 1000GC - virtual item (Wanted)
Angelic Halo - virtual item (Questing)Angelic Halo - virtual item (Questing)
Salty Sash - virtual item (Wanted)
DJ Studio Headphones - virtual item (Wanted)DJ Studio Headphones - virtual item (Wanted)
Steel-plated Ninja Band - virtual item (Wanted)Steel-plated Ninja Band - virtual item (Wanted)
Chain Wallet - virtual item (Wanted)Chain Wallet - virtual item (Wanted)
AFK - virtual item (Wanted)AFK - virtual item (Wanted)
Lucifer's Wings - virtual item (Wanted)
Gadreel's Wings - virtual item (Wanted)
King IV Anti Wings - virtual item (Wanted)
BRAINchemized Wings - virtual item (Wanted)
King IV Anti Devil Tail - virtual item (Wanted)
OMG Kawaii - virtual item (Wanted)OMG Kawaii - virtual item (Wanted)
Sacred Katana - virtual item (Wanted)Sacred Katana - virtual item (Wanted)
God Katana - virtual item (Wanted)
CMYK Katana - virtual item (Wanted)CMYK Katana - virtual item (Wanted)
Princess of Thorns - virtual item (Wanted)Princess of Thorns - virtual item (Wanted)
Imaginary Skin - virtual item (Wanted)
Absent Mayor - virtual item (Wanted)Absent Mayor - virtual item (Wanted)
Dark Ghosting Around - virtual item (Wanted)Dark Ghosting Around - virtual item (Wanted)
Wicked Hot Springs Hottie - virtual item (Wanted)Wicked Hot Springs Hottie - virtual item (Wanted)
Sinful Biancareina - virtual item (Wanted)
SDPlus #640 Oniki - virtual item (Wanted)SDPlus #640 Oniki - virtual item (Wanted)
Cirrus Business - virtual item (Wanted)Cirrus Business - virtual item (Wanted)
Her Bright Delight - virtual item (Wanted)Her Bright Delight - virtual item (Wanted)
Vibrant Time Out! - virtual item (Wanted)Vibrant Time Out! - virtual item (Wanted)
Rainbow Gloom and Doom - virtual item (Wanted)
Rainbow Skin Bundle - virtual item (Wanted)
Rainbow Fruity Jellies - virtual item (Wanted)Rainbow Fruity Jellies - virtual item (Wanted)
Rushing Viper - virtual item (Wanted)Rushing Viper - virtual item (Wanted)
Tryxachu - virtual item (Wanted)
Edgily Meant 2Be - virtual item (Wanted)Edgily Meant 2Be - virtual item (Wanted)
Artificially Meant 2Be - virtual item (Wanted)Artificially Meant 2Be - virtual item (Wanted)
Meant 2Be - virtual item (Wanted)Meant 2Be - virtual item (Wanted)
Super Monochrome Bundle - virtual item (Wanted)
Bitter Empress of Ice - virtual item (Wanted)
Wasteland Derelict - virtual item (Wanted)Wasteland Derelict - virtual item (Wanted)
Hair It Is Again - virtual item (Wanted)
Eyyy Mah Carina - virtual item (Wanted)
Crowned in Curls - virtual item (Wanted)
Feeshi Karp Lowtidey Hair - virtual item (Wanted)
Adrian's Sash - virtual item (Wanted)
Vivid Rainbow Angelic Sash - virtual item (Wanted)
Roughly Live My Day - virtual item (Wanted)Roughly Live My Day - virtual item (Wanted)
Cosmic Live May Day - virtual item (Wanted)Cosmic Live May Day - virtual item (Wanted)
Sootberry-beary Late! - virtual item (Wanted)Sootberry-beary Late! - virtual item (Wanted)
SDPlus #684 Nekuro - virtual item (Wanted)SDPlus #684 Nekuro - virtual item (Wanted)
Prism Wings - virtual item (Wanted)Prism Wings - virtual item (Wanted)


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rise LazarusReport | 12/25/2017 11:32 am
rise Lazarus
Ahh! Beautiful avi!! 
CurryChanxReport | 12/18/2017 11:48 pm
v echo stein vReport | 12/17/2016 1:02 am
v echo stein v
Kandy ThiefReport | 07/12/2016 6:54 pm
Kandy Thief
i did 
Kandy ThiefReport | 07/07/2016 9:47 am
Kandy Thief
Digital WorldReport | 04/15/2016 4:41 pm
Digital World
Thank you for the gift! <3
Effenit RuftReport | 04/15/2016 8:03 am
Effenit Ruft
Thank you!! Now I edited but I'm very stupid because I created a new area and IDK to deleted xdd
Only I like EXID and AOA. I hear the others kpop crews but idliked much.

Lord SaiaxReport | 04/14/2016 10:47 am
Lord Saiax
thank you for buying
CurryChanxReport | 11/15/2015 11:55 am
Hey Paintry! by any chance do you have a shop? I could get you the blueberry cream hair.
SnakeBottomReport | 11/08/2015 3:50 pm



be my friend ok?

buy my stuff thx


Dont PM me asking to change my prices, I can give you a 5% discount if you want tho.



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 I don't get it, what?
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 click is my friend?
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and i always will.
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i have always loved you
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kill me
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 eat me.
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 my head hurts
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 I put on my robe and wizard hat...
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 some new



Posted on neptun at 20:07:52 MDT
 y u do dis
Posted on Main Page at 19:52:09 MDT
you can do it kid.
you can be The YouTuber
join the club
join the club
dance little man
dance your life away
dance like there's no tomorrow
join the club
everyones doing it

everyones just
dancing their routines
all faced with
a problem they ignore
they just
show it to everyone else
they show it with their dancing
they scream the problems name but
they dont do nothin
they just do what they feel they should do
they feel they should dance and
they dance their lives away
join the club

the solution to any problem can only be reliably found by using a combination of persistance and intelligence. expression (dancing) is neither of those. and to neglect accumulating problems is to die.

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