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Posted on encoding at 1:36:11 UTC
Posted on encoding at 19:31:00 UTC
Posted on encoding at 19:30:50 UTC
 G␊├-P⎼⎺␌␊⎽⎽ ␊│⎻┌⎺⎼␊⎼ ≠ S├⎺⎻-P⎼⎺␌␊⎽⎽G␊├-P⎼⎺␌␊⎽⎽ ␊│⎻┌⎺⎼␊⎼ ≠ S├⎺⎻-P⎼⎺␌␊⎽⎽G␊├-P⎼⎺␌␊⎽⎽ ␊│⎻┌⎺⎼␊⎼ ≠ S├⎺⎻-P⎼⎺␌␊⎽⎽G␊├-P⎼⎺␌␊⎽⎽ ␊│⎻┌⎺⎼␊⎼ ≠ S├⎺⎻-P⎼⎺␌␊⎽⎽
Posted on encoding at 19:29:48 UTC
Posted on encoding at 3:36:47 UTC
Posted on encoding at 13:29:57 UTC
Posted on encoding at 7:01:01 UTC
 T␤␊⎼␊ ▒⎼␊ ⎽␊⎼┴␋␌␊⎽ ␋┼⎽├▒┌┌␊␍ ⎺┼
Posted on poju at 12:20:20 UTC
Posted on encoding at 14:01:46 UTC
 0710UF0 *H

Android Debug10U



A┼␍⎼⎺␋␍ D␊␉┤±10U



≠   *H                                              ␤┌ʌQ/└≠Y!▒ُP␌└NO6S    0

     +__␌1ç!.7£,      ^1B£3*Z

⎻3BW2┼[email protected]߮␊6"QMâ—†H┘)9ھ┼؅ ≠└3≤


T␤␊ JKS ┐␊≤⎽├⎺⎼␊ ┤⎽␊⎽ ▒ ⎻⎼⎺⎻⎼␋␊├▒⎼≤ °⎺⎼└▒├. I├ ␋⎽ ⎼␊␌⎺└└␊┼␍␊␍ ├⎺ └␋±⎼▒├␊ ├⎺ PKCS12 ┬␤␋␌␤ ␋⎽ ▒┼ ␋┼␍┤⎽├⎼≤ ⎽├▒┼␍▒⎼␍ °⎺⎼└▒├ ┤⎽␋┼± "┐␊≤├⎺⎺┌ -␋└⎻⎺⎼├┐␊≤⎽├⎺⎼␊ -⎽⎼␌┐␊≤⎽├⎺⎼␊ /U⎽␊⎼⎽/┐┤┼␍▒┼┘▒␋┼/.▒┼␍⎼⎺␋␍/␍␊␉┤±.┐␊≤⎽├⎺⎼␊ -␍␊⎽├┐␊≤⎽├⎺⎼␊ /U⎽␊⎼⎽/┐┤┼␍▒┼┘▒␋┼/.▒┼␍⎼⎺␋␍/␍␊␉┤±.┐␊≤⎽├⎺⎼␊ -␍␊⎽├⎽├⎺⎼␊├≤⎻␊ ⎻┐␌⎽12".

K┤┼␍▒┼⎽-M▒␌B⎺⎺┐-P⎼⎺:⎻⎼▒␌├⎼_┼␊┬ ┐┤┼␍▒┼┘▒␋┼

Posted on pibdgaf at 5:46:46 UTC
Posted on pibdgaf at 5:36:06 UTC
Posted on pibdgaf at 5:30:32 UTC
Posted on pibdgaf at 4:52:47 UTC
 I want to chill in this room and hang out with hot girls on cam while complementing them and convincing them to strip 
Posted on pibdgaf at 4:44:25 UTC
 May I have the password to the room?
Posted on pibdgaf at 1:16:25 UTC
 What the actual fuck is this? Is this thing alive?
Posted on Main Page at 2:52:55 UTC
 <yipdw> connection reset by pier

Posted on gaia at 20:15:11 UTC
 what is this
Posted on gaia at 20:13:21 UTC


paintry's avatar

Last Login: 05/12/2018 9:04 am

Registered: 11/22/2010

Birthday: 03/10

Equipped List

Devil Tail - virtual itemDevil Tail
Horns of the Demon - virtual itemHorns of the Demon
OMG - virtual itemOMG
Ancient Katana - virtual itemAncient Katana
Princess Less Than Three - virtual itemPrincess Less Than Three
Z's Sketchbook - virtual item
Strong Bear Style - virtual item
Sandman's Guilt - virtual item
The Fair Spirits Reign - virtual item
Immortal Veil - virtual itemImmortal Veil
Nighttime Absent Mayor - virtual itemNighttime Absent Mayor
Gray Body Dye - virtual item
Sinful Biancareina - virtual item

buy me stuff thx

White Body Dye - virtual item (Wanted)
GCash Giftcard 200GC - virtual item (Wanted)
GCash Giftcard 500GC - virtual item (Wanted)
GCash Giftcard 1000GC - virtual item (Wanted)
Angelic Halo - virtual item (Questing)Angelic Halo - virtual item (Questing)
Salty Sash - virtual item (Wanted)
DJ Studio Headphones - virtual item (Wanted)DJ Studio Headphones - virtual item (Wanted)
Steel-plated Ninja Band - virtual item (Wanted)Steel-plated Ninja Band - virtual item (Wanted)
Chain Wallet - virtual item (Wanted)Chain Wallet - virtual item (Wanted)
AFK - virtual item (Wanted)AFK - virtual item (Wanted)
Lucifer's Wings - virtual item (Wanted)
Gadreel's Wings - virtual item (Wanted)
King IV Anti Wings - virtual item (Wanted)
BRAINchemized Wings - virtual item (Wanted)
King IV Anti Devil Tail - virtual item (Wanted)
OMG Kawaii - virtual item (Wanted)OMG Kawaii - virtual item (Wanted)
Sacred Katana - virtual item (Wanted)Sacred Katana - virtual item (Wanted)
God Katana - virtual item (Wanted)
CMYK Katana - virtual item (Wanted)CMYK Katana - virtual item (Wanted)
Princess of Thorns - virtual item (Wanted)Princess of Thorns - virtual item (Wanted)
Imaginary Skin - virtual item (Wanted)
Absent Mayor - virtual item (Wanted)Absent Mayor - virtual item (Wanted)
Dark Ghosting Around - virtual item (Wanted)Dark Ghosting Around - virtual item (Wanted)
Wicked Hot Springs Hottie - virtual item (Wanted)Wicked Hot Springs Hottie - virtual item (Wanted)
Sinful Biancareina - virtual item (Wanted)
SDPlus #640 Oniki - virtual item (Wanted)SDPlus #640 Oniki - virtual item (Wanted)
Cirrus Business - virtual item (Wanted)Cirrus Business - virtual item (Wanted)
Her Bright Delight - virtual item (Wanted)Her Bright Delight - virtual item (Wanted)
Vibrant Time Out! - virtual item (Wanted)Vibrant Time Out! - virtual item (Wanted)
Rainbow Gloom and Doom - virtual item (Wanted)
Rainbow Skin Bundle - virtual item (Wanted)
Rainbow Fruity Jellies - virtual item (Wanted)Rainbow Fruity Jellies - virtual item (Wanted)
Rushing Viper - virtual item (Wanted)Rushing Viper - virtual item (Wanted)
Tryxachu - virtual item (Wanted)
Edgily Meant 2Be - virtual item (Wanted)Edgily Meant 2Be - virtual item (Wanted)
Artificially Meant 2Be - virtual item (Wanted)Artificially Meant 2Be - virtual item (Wanted)
Meant 2Be - virtual item (Wanted)Meant 2Be - virtual item (Wanted)
Super Monochrome Bundle - virtual item (Wanted)
Bitter Empress of Ice - virtual item (Wanted)
Wasteland Derelict - virtual item (Wanted)Wasteland Derelict - virtual item (Wanted)
Hair It Is Again - virtual item (Wanted)
Eyyy Mah Carina - virtual item (Wanted)
Crowned in Curls - virtual item (Wanted)
Feeshi Karp Lowtidey Hair - virtual item (Wanted)
Adrian's Sash - virtual item (Wanted)
Vivid Rainbow Angelic Sash - virtual item (Wanted)
Roughly Live My Day - virtual item (Wanted)Roughly Live My Day - virtual item (Wanted)
Cosmic Live May Day - virtual item (Wanted)Cosmic Live May Day - virtual item (Wanted)
Sootberry-beary Late! - virtual item (Wanted)Sootberry-beary Late! - virtual item (Wanted)
SDPlus #684 Nekuro - virtual item (Wanted)SDPlus #684 Nekuro - virtual item (Wanted)
Prism Wings - virtual item (Wanted)Prism Wings - virtual item (Wanted)


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rise LazarusReport | 12/25/2017 11:32 am
rise Lazarus
Ahh! Beautiful avi!! 
CurryChanxReport | 12/18/2017 11:48 pm
v echo stein vReport | 12/17/2016 1:02 am
v echo stein v
Kandy ThiefReport | 07/12/2016 6:54 pm
Kandy Thief
i did 
Kandy ThiefReport | 07/07/2016 9:47 am
Kandy Thief
Digital WorldReport | 04/15/2016 4:41 pm
Digital World
Thank you for the gift! <3
Effenit RuftReport | 04/15/2016 8:03 am
Effenit Ruft
Thank you!! Now I edited but I'm very stupid because I created a new area and IDK to deleted xdd
Only I like EXID and AOA. I hear the others kpop crews but idliked much.

Lord SaiaxReport | 04/14/2016 10:47 am
Lord Saiax
thank you for buying
CurryChanxReport | 11/15/2015 11:55 am
Hey Paintry! by any chance do you have a shop? I could get you the blueberry cream hair.
SnakeBottomReport | 11/08/2015 3:50 pm



be my friend ok?

buy my stuff thx


Dont PM me asking to change my prices, I can give you a 5% discount if you want tho.



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and i always will.
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