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The myth of romantic love holds that once you've fallen in love with
the perfect partner, you're home free. Unfortunately, falling out of
love seems to be just as involuntary as falling into it.

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 Obviously you want smart, productive people on your project. Note that
dumb, unproductive people are relatively harmless, because they are not
productive enough to cause much damage. What you need to watch out for
are dumb, productive people.

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Posted on facebook at 13:35:30 MDT

i live in alabama... FAR away from any big cities. my wife saw 5 muslims in the median, "praying" to mecca. fuck obama. i thought i would be insulated from these muslim cunts in the sticks. apparently not. for those of you cowards who do not know about islam, google muhamed, and note that they endorse his behavior... total psychopath.

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Jim Grieves
Jim Grieves Mecca should have been made into glass a long time ago.
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding it may come to that. white, western, men, are very very very very nice, until they're not.
217 hrs
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding evolutionarily, alpha males see this stuff in advance, because evolutionarily slpha males had to answer the call. don't expect for beta male cunts to get this. though alphas are washed away by stuff like this, women still got to pass on their genes... just with a new set of alphas... and of course, beta male cunts, cow tow to this.
217 hrs
Jason Harrell
Jason Harrell Where did this happen?
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding hugley exit . it really freaked rebecca out.
115 hrs
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding she is up in the A T visiting a friend in hospital. i thought she might see some freaky stuff up there. she did not even get out of the neighborhood.
115 hrs
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding locally, there are probably not more than a handful of alpha males who get this. mostly a bunch of fucking coward beta males.
115 hrs
Dorothy Gale
Dorothy Gale Uh, you are probably surrounded by fundamentalist Christians, who are just as psychopathic... lets see... human sacrafice, calling down plagues on people, their god killing first born babies... advocating rape and slavery... and then the Crusades, Witchhunts, Destruction of a big chunk of the indigenous population of Mexico

I know, shocker, right. Right in your midsts. And a lot more of them around you than there are Muslims. Some pretty scary people... https://www.evilbible.com/
Evil Bible Home Page Welcome to the EvilBible.com website. This website is designed to spread the vicious truth about the Bible.  For far too long priests and preachers have completely ignored the vicious criminal acts that the Bible promotes.  The so called God of the Bible makes Osama Bin Laden lo...
115 hrs
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding and Jason Harrell... i have no idea why you "liked" this cuntish comment. i am beginning to accept that you have been too badly propagandized by the left to be salvageable
Jason Harrell
Jason Harrell Riley Yielding just an acknowledgment
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding no. Dorothy Gale. i surround myself with people who use reason and evidence, and who would never comment on another person's thread with a fucking strawman, or with people who even knew what a straw man was. but even though you just vomited this strawman up on my thread, i will pretend that you are just stupid and address your concern. islam is a state. and my preferred state, if there is going to be a state, is the western state that evolved separation of church and state. better people than you evolved these civilizing ideals, and they are threatened with islam on one hand (the crusades was a tiny reaction to a several hundred year attack by islam. crack a fucking history book, or better yet, read the quran), and leftists 3rd world, low iq people from mehiko, on the other side. i, am an atheist. i don't have the delusion that there is a god. but you could have asked, instead of starting with your cultural marxist "uh" passive aggression. don't be a cunt on my threads.
36 hrs
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding i will also add that in a confrontation with islam, i will side with christians every time. i totally accept that both are delusional about god. but study the lives of their chosen prophets. muhamed was a psychopatic, child raping, butcher. jebus was...See More
26 hrs
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding and stop apologizing for these fucking butchers, or take your cunt moves to some other thread. they will not be tolerated on my wall.
16 hrs
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding the crusades were WAY TOO LITTLE. WAY TOO LATE.
26 hrs
Dan Berry
Dan Berry Absolutely... and now they want Spain and the Balkans back...Islam never tolerates loss of territory...
Dan Berry
Dan Berry Titanic dynamite rebuttal...my two cents...in all my church going days, we never practiced human sacrifice, advocated rape and slavery, killed any babies, and no imprecatory prayer was ever fulfilled (although I always felt that bastard deserved it...)
36 hrs
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding hell... i have been way too hard on christians, when viewed through the lens of the islam menace.
26 hrs
Dan Berry
Dan Berry Expecting atheists to consider gods acting in the world as evidence...smh...
26 hrs
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding now that i have seen the sword of islam, even the shitty passive aggressive christians don't bother me.
16 hrs
Ruth Mullay
Ruth Mullay Why, thank you. 
14 hrs
Dorothy Gale
Dorothy Gale Sorry. Hey, anarchists can apologize. Its how we stop wars.

No need to throw a tantrum and start breaking toys. Actually, that was cool. Do that again! It was fun to watch.  Let me break some toys with you, its more fun when we do it together

I was just pointing out, that Islam is not the only religion that is nuts. They all are nuts, every religion is nuts, and you (as an atheist) are surrounded by these religious nutters. Passive aggresive Christians may seem more amiacable to you, because you grew up inside a culture influenced greatly by them, so they seem less violent and radical or wacked out nuts to you. I assure you, many of the things they believe are seriously... wacked out. Men living in the belly of whales. Talking burning bushes. Human sacrafice to appease your god if he demands it. A fickle, moody, vengeful god. A world created in 7 days.

But if you grew up in the middle east, and became an atheist, you probably would see both religious types as nutters... but the islam,less so, because it was so embedded in your culture. Christians started WW1 and WW2. Christians dropped the fire bombs on Dresden and Hamburg, and nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Christians napalmed Vietnam. Christians are hardly... non-violent. Christians or people who grew up in a heavily Christian influence culture took mechanized warfare to a whole new scale of mass worldwide human killing.

Our judicial system is rank with Christian morals and values... if you are looking for the Sharia equivalent arm of it, that is it... look no further than the US brutal court system. Enforcing its mores, will, rules, and dictates on others around it in an aggressive manner. Since you know history, you can step outside your box, and look at both and say... damn... there's really not much of a difference here. Both are violent, expansionist, nationalistic cultures.

I'm going to have to call your "strawman" accusation, and raise it with an "ad hominem".  Ad hominem arguments such as attacking someone's character by repeatedly calling them a cunt, is not a valid argument in debate. Cha ching!

Try not to get your panties in a wad, I may not be your enemy at all. Just a whimsical passer byer pointing out an obvious counterpoint. I like to make comments out of the blue to strangers, its fun. And this is just a wonky little internet discussion thang....
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding bitch, you deserve the adhom. don't start some shit if you don't want some shit.
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding christianity does not even remotely compare to the vile crap of islam.
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding i am not attacking your character. i am revealing your fucking behavior. you have attacked your character.
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding i highly recommend the adhom in answer to a fucking straw man attack. vile shit.
133 mins
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding leme try to help you, dorothy. you reveal your family, and how they treated you. you have an expectation that you can do something shitty, and then attack again by suggesting that a person should not even use an insult to redress your attack. youlearned this in your family. they must have attacked you regularly, and then attacked you again, if you defended yourself.
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding with the slightest bit of self knowledge, all this bullshit becomes over the top obvious.
Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown wow "fuck obama" because there are some people of another culture that happen to be near you geographically for a few seconds as you drive

hahhahhahhahahahaha what the fuck dude
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding yes. fuck him, for using stolen money to expose me to a dangerous ideology. and fuck the people who hump his leg over thse vile cunts.
Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown xD
Riley Yielding
Riley Yielding of course, liberal cunts are tolerant of everyone, except for those who are intolerant of the intolerant. and isis...muslims... quan based scum... totally intolerant. i no longer tolerate cunts who passively, or actively push this bullshit. delete em. life is too short for cunts.
Posted on Main Page at 7:53:07 MDT
 What is this I don't even
Posted on Main Page at 15:19:28 MDT
https://click.wetfish.net/view.php?id=3936 never
Posted on Main Page at 15:19:13 MDT
probably never is never
Posted on Main Page at 15:19:06 MDT
probably never
Posted on Main Page at 15:19:01 MDT
is it possible to remove this garbage
Posted on Main Page at 15:18:52 MDT
 this is a new comment
Posted on pibdgaf at 23:23:57 MDT
 I am a 
Posted on pibdgaf at 23:23:56 MDT
 I am a 
Posted on jobs at 12:47:01 MDT
// Wetfish Jobs

Title               Rate        Overtime    Hours       Total Monthly Cost
Graphic Designer    $50         $25         2 / 4       $200
Developer           $50         $25         2 / 4       $200
Junior Developer    $25         $15         2 / 5       $125
Brand Strategist    $100        $50         1 / 1       $150
Project Manager     $100        $50         1 / 1       $150
Sysadmin            $50         $25         2 / 2       $150
Writer              $25         $15         2 / 5       $125

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Posted on gangstalking at 2:50:34 MDT
Posted on gangstalking at 2:50:33 MDT
Posted on gangstalking at 2:50:26 MDT


▼scroll down to learn more▼


Are you




Predatory Gangstalking describes a series of techniques utilized by organized crime andcorrupt networks to instill fear and mental instability within a victim.

These techniques are utilized with the intent toHARASS, SABOTAGE, EXTORT, discreditdisillusion,or drive A VICTIM to suicide, incarceration orinstitutionalization.

These are techniques such as constant surveillance, VANDALISM, organized stalking,HACKING, mind gamesperception manipulation,  covert harassmentelectronic harassmentand among others.

a victim can become a target fromwhistleblowing, Activism, being in a position of interest, snitching or even from witnessing a crime.


Perpetrators of these crimes range fromcommonly criminals paid with money, sex or drugs, manipulated to misinformed community watch groups, extorted & bribed individualsand even extremist groups and cults.

victim can remain to be harassed & targettedWHEREVER HE/SHE GOES with these crimes takingplace at businesses, workplaces, public areas,schools, at home AND on roads & INTERSTATES.

Proving these Covert crimes can be very challenging which allows the techniques ofgangstalking to be very effective and covertwhile leaving accountability Difficult to obtain.


Predatory Gangstalking is a real life issue withreal life solutions. Awareness, education andrecognition goes far, along with your support.

support the movement by talking about it,following & participating in the movement onsocial media, Displaying awareness swag oreven by simply donating.


And most of all

Posted on gangstalking at 2:50:26 MDT
nom nom nom no mn om
Posted on gangstalking at 2:50:22 MDT
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Posted on gangstalking at 2:50:17 MDT
paste it
Posted on gangstalking at 2:50:15 MDT
come on
Posted on gangstalking at 2:50:15 MDT
Posted on gangstalking at 2:50:13 MDT
how r u

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